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EEEKK! It’s happening! A huge congratulations on your engagement!  I totally get that planning your big day can be a bit overwhelming, but no worries – I'm here to make the photography part as stress free as possible on my end.


Let's talk packages — I start at $2,800 for 6 hours of coverage and you have the option to add on from there depending on your day of events. If you're planning a more intimate setting, I offer elopement packages too!


So, about my style — I’ve been capturing love stories for over ten years and I've got this knack for bringing out those real, spontaneous smiles. Think of me as your guide to feeling totally at ease in front of the camera, making it all seem like a breeze.


On your wedding day, I'm there to be more than just a photographer. Consider me your go-to gal, ensuring everything unfolds just as you've imagined. Let's make your wedding not just an event, but a collection of beautiful moments, captured forever! 

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